Summer school and grants for extracurricular activities by the Estonian Large Families Association

The XXVII Annual Summer-school event

Five Hundred Large Families Enjoy a Weekend in Viljandimaa

On the last weekend of August, the 27th Summer School organized by the Estonian Association of Large Families took place at the Holstre-Polli Sports Center, with the participation of nearly five hundred children and parents.

In accordance with the tradition of the Summer Camp, the main organizer of the event changes each year, and this year it is the umbrella organization, the Estonian Association of Large Families. The Summer School, which kicked off on Friday, brought together large families from all across Estonia. The largest family attending had ten members and came from Raplamaa.

Aage Õunap, the president of the association and the main organizer of the event, stated that this year’s Summer School was an enjoyable occasion and a great introduction to the new school year. “We are pleased to offer families three days filled with inspiring activities, inspired by the people and initiatives of Viljandimaa,” said Aage Õunap.

Over the course of three days, the Summer School features various exciting activities. Experienced counselors, artisans, an adrenaline-pumping team, and relay races are on the agenda, along with different games, workshops, a lucky draw, and performances by various artists.

The project was funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs, the NGO Aitan Eestit, and the Viljandi municipality, with contributions from 50 companies and nearly 30 volunteers.

The Estonian Association of Large Families has been operating since 1996 and consists of 19 organizations, including more than 3,300 families with three or more children, and 12,000 children from large families.

The Estonian Association of Large Families opens a grant application for extracurricular activities

Estonian families with four or more children are welcome to apply for a grant for extracurricular activities. The precise terms and necessary forms for the application round can be found on our website: The grant allows hundreds of children to be able to take part in an activity that is otherwise difficult for the family to manage. We are extremely grateful we get the opportunity to be able to offer such grant! The deadline for submitting applications is October 9, 2023. The disbursement of grants is supported by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

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