Hungary: Taste of Love initiative and Conference of Family Organisations

Taste of Love initiative: Large families come together from spring to autumn to preserve fruits, vegetables or food thanks to the automatic preserving cookers.

Due to the agreement between NOE (Hungarian Large Families Association)and CÖF (Civil Union Forum) our association has the opportunity to receive 50 automatic preserving cookers free of charge last year. Based on the by far positive feedbacks from families 40 more cookers have recently been purchased from the manufacturer and disseminated among large family organisations countrywide. The machines are shared, as families come together for using the preserving cookers as groups and as a community which is a true sign of creating a new tradition NOE is very proud of.7

Conference of Family Organisations in Hungary: Hungarian family organisations meet every quarter to discuss operative arrangements, events and common goals.

NOE regularly calls together civil society organisations working for families to communicate and cooperate, as it is of high importance to meet to define common goals. The Conference of Family Organisations took place on 10th July, 2020 at Millenium House, Budapest. More than 20 organizations attended these events on average. Katalin Kardosné Gyurkó, president of NOE and Dr. László Baán government commissioner responsible for the development of City Park (in Budapest) and the Hungarian State Opera House opened the event. Lectures were given on the evaluation of steps taken in the interest of families in the pandemic crises and also on forthcoming plans of the government to support families in the near future.

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