The demographic issue from the perspective of regions – ASPE participated into the discussion in the Greek Parliament

The latest census showed that the country’s population decreased by 3.5% compared to the 2011 census. Population decline has been recorded in 12 of the 13 regions of the country.

The Special Committee of Regions of the Greek Parliament organized a discussion on this and invited some of the civil society representatives to present their views. Mrs Dimitra-Ines Angeli, the Secretary-General of ASPE (Greek Large Families Confederation) and member of ELFAC board, referred to the significance of large families for the life in regions and built upon the concept of territorial cohesion in the EU, which refers to disadvantaged regions, including those in demographic decline. 

The President of the Committee, Mr Manos Konsolas, MP, set the political agenda for the discussion, recognizing ten political priorities of the governing party: 

  • 1st: In our times, development is a function of workforce skills
  • 2nd: Reduction of brain drain
  • 3rd: Providing incentives for employment in structures of public health in the Region
  • 4th: Substantial life support measures in remote island areas, mountainous areas and small and medium continental municipalities
  • 5th: Comprehensive housing program for young families with loans on favorable terms, rent subsidy and tax incentives for property owners
  • 6th: Strengthening prevention services and infrastructure and health promotion for mother and child.
  • 7th: Strengthening employment for young people under 25 years old.
  • 8th: Development of social programs for the immigrant integration.
  • 9th: Upgrading IT and communications networks to attract, as a country, a greater number of digital nomads.
  • 10th: Strengthening the number of structures related to the harmonization of family and professional life.

ASPE, as the national coordinator of the European Network of Family Friendly Municipalities, is well equipped to contribute to this discussion and enrich it with the views of large families. Thanks to ELFAC and the Network, ASPE may draw upon good example from various European Regions to support effective implementations in Greece. 

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