The Estonian Association of Large Families recognized family-friendly restaurants

The Estonian Association of Large Families recognized the most family-friendly restaurants in Estonia on the 9th of September. The recognition was given to 19 restaurants and cafes all over Estonia, the GoSpa restaurant on Saaremaa island and the Lucca restaurant in Tabasalu were the favorites of families.

“Family-friendliness does not happen overnight or on autopilot but is the fruit of long-term commitment and work. We want to continue with the tradition of issuing the family-friendly restaurant label in order to make choosing a suitable restaurant as easy as possible for families and to make Estonian restaurants and society even more family-friendly,” said Aage Õunap, the president of the Estonian Association of Large Families.

In addition to handing over the labels of family-friendly restaurants, Aage Õunap and the Minister of Social Security Signe Riisalo opened a drawing exhibition “Family-Friendly Restaurant”, the authors of the paintings were children. The drawings reflect the children’s flying ideas about favorite meals, restaurant interiors, chef’s hats, fun games, and much more.

Family-friendly restaurants were ranked according to family ratings (restaurant visits) and evaluation committee evaluations. Attention was paid to the child- and family-friendly menu of the respective catering establishment, customer service, interior, accessibility and whether children are provided with developmental toys and comfortable opportunities for parents to take care of the child.

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