The Estonian Large Family Card celebrated its 10th birthday 

President’s wife Sirje Karis and the Estonian Association of Large Families recognized long-term partner companies of the Family Card at an official gratitude ceremony.

The sincere thanks of the Family Card extend to nearly a hundred companies whose hearts have beaten in rhythm with large families for ten years. Three companies were also selected as favorites among the children.

At the gratitude ceremony held at the Nordic Hotel Forum, President’s wife Sirje Karis and the Estonian Association of Large Families highlighted partners who have participated in the Family Card program since its inception, which means already ten years this year.

“I thank and commend all those companies who have joined our Family Card program for large families. It provides families with three or more children the opportunity to visit museums, theaters, and theme parks more affordably and make affordable purchases,” said Sirje Karis in her speech. “Joining the Family Card program demonstrates entrepreneurs’ support, social responsibility, awareness, and care.”

In addition to recognizing long-term partners, titles for children’s favorites were also awarded, which were awarded to Tervise Paradiis, Lottemaa, and Juku Toy Centers. Family Card users could vote for their favorite via social media.

“I am grateful that so many companies have contributed to the well-being of large families for ten years and helped families save on daily expenses. A seemingly small discount can mean the only opportunity for families to visit water parks, restaurants, or museums together,” said Aage Õunap, President of the Estonian Association of Large Families.

The Estonian Association of Large Families has been issuing Family Cards since 2014. It is the largest network of discounts in Estonia, through which families with three or more children can consume various services and products more affordably. The Family Card has more than 500 partners across Estonia.

(Pictures by Aleksandra Kiidjärv)

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