The Italian Large Families Association held its general assembly in Nocera Umbra

President of ANFN, Mario Sberna

On the first days of October, in a two day meeting focused on large families, more than 200 people gathered in Nocera Umbra to celebrate the general Assembly of the Italian Large Families Association (ANFN).

The Association, that now gathers more than 16.000 families, has renewed its engagement to support families with more children through services, advocacy and friendship. Underlying the strong commitment of ANFN, president Mario Sberna praised the consistent numbers of active families that work in the association as volunteers providing mutual help and services to all large families.

It was also discussed the new Family Act  proposed by the Italian Government, which is considered a good starting point to have structural and reliable family policies in Italy. Some doubts on the “single check” that is meant to substitute all kinds of actual benefits: ANFN fears that it will not recognize fairly the number of children in a family and might turn to penalizing larger households.

During the meeting, ELFAC president Regina Maroncelli presented the activities of the Confederation with special regard to those concerning young people and the European Network of family friendly municipalities.

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