The Spanish Government Introduces a €200 Monthly Universal Child Benefit: Meeting Longstanding FEFN Demands

The Spanish Government has announced the creation of a universal parenting benefit of 200 euros per month per child, for all families, regardless of their economic situation. The objective of this measure is to guarantee a minimum of child well-being for all boys and girls to decrease the child poverty rate in Spain, which currently rests at 30%.

The measure was announced by the Minister of Social Rights, Pablo Bustinduy, who wants to implement this child benefit into the 2025 budget.

The child benefit is a historical demand of the Spanish Large Families Federation (FEFN), which has asked for direct help per child for years. Their demands are in accordance with policies in place throughout the rest of Europe, where the nation invests in the upbringing of all children by providing a monthly amount per child until the age of 18, regardless of the family’s economic situation.

The minister’s approach is precisely that which the FEFN has demanded for years: “It is not about social aid that is given after a family demonstrates whether it is poor. It is about generating a universal right that guarantees minimum conditions of well-being for all boys and girls,” he explained.

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