The Spanish government approves, ignoring social rejection, the family bill that “erases” large families

The Spanish Federation of Large Families (FEFN) has received with discomfort the approval of the Family Law project by the Government, ignoring the opinion of families and also of experts, such as the Council of State, an advisory body made up of jurists, and that they have contested various issues of the law, including the elimination of the title of large family without arguments or reasons that justify said measure.

The Government has not taken into account the opinion of Council of State and has kept the project almost the same, except for some question about competences. The text is now ready to go to the Congress of Deputies and begin its parliamentary process, maintaining the initial idea of ​​suppressing the name of large families and the creation of a new one of “Families with greater needs for parenting support”, in the that large families will be included along with other families with different special circumstances, such as single-parent families with two children or those that have suffered gender violence.

The FEFN regrets that all the voices critical of the name change, which has been widely rejected by large families, through the Spanish Federation of Large Families (FEFN) and the associations that comprise it, have not been taken into account. These family organizations, in addition to families in their own right, presented a lot of amendments and began a collection of signatures that has already obtained more than 70,000 signatures, defending the maintenance of the name and concept of large family that has recognized these families for decades.

Large families must also be recognized and supported

The FEFN argues this request that large families make a special contribution to society through their children, which must also be recognized and supported in a special way. This same argument has been pointed out by the Council of State in its report on the Law, in which it highlights the special contribution that large families make to society in the form of human capital, “a particular and exclusive circumstance that distinguishes this group with respect to others”, and that, for the Council, must be taken into account, without prejudice to supporting other families.

Precisely the Council of State has been one of the clearest regarding the inconvenience of suppressing the current Large Family Title, which it considers to be unjustified, “there is no explanation of the reasons behind this decision” -he explains-, and urges the Government to rethink it, although the Government has not followed this recommendation.

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