The Spanish Large Families Federation delivered more than 72.000 signatures in the Congress to maintain the name and the concept of large families 

The Spanish Federation of Large Families (FEFN) delivered the last week in the Congress of Deputies, 72,528 signatures against the disappearance of the large family title, which the new Family Law, pending approval in Congress, eliminates and replaced by a new card for ‘Families with Greater Support Needs for Upbringing’. 

The signatures have been collected by the FEFN through the campaign launched at the end of the year to demand the maintenance of their name and their identity as large families, families with a greater number of children. The FEFN considers, as the Council of State has also pronounced, that the elimination of the large family title is something unnecessary in the law, that there are no objective reasons to support this decision, which responds solely to an ideological question, of not wanting to recognize large families and therefore want them to be “diluted”. 

The FEFN has recalled that the title of large family and the benefits associated with it is compatible with the creation of new measures and support for other families with special circumstances and needs. “It is not necessary to eliminate the concept of a large family and the title we have. It is not understandable that they want to make an integrating law where all the family realities fit, which, by the way, many are already within the group of large families, and at the same time they want to erase the concept of large families (750,000 families)”, said the President of the Spanish Large Families Federation, José Manuel Trigo. 

The signatures have been delivered to the Congressional Registry, addressed to the president of the parliamentary commission in which the law will be debated, and after that the FEFN has visited different parliamentary groups to inform them of the campaign and ask for their support to ensure that the petition that more than 72,500 citizens support with their signature goes ahead. 

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