ELFAC attended the third meeting of the International Network of Family Values in Budapest

ELFAC was represented by its president and secretary general, and representatives from large families associations from Hungary, Greece, Portugal and Poland.

The Kopp Mária Institute for Demography and Families (KINCS) launched the Executive Network for Family Values in 2019 to provide possibility for a regular meeting and sincere exchange of experiences for family-friendly decision-makers and various stakeholders, from Europe and the wider international environment.

The initiative, which aims to give positive content to networking, aims to provide a meeting place for key players committed to the family as a value, creating an up-to-date, family-friendly network for shaping European and international policies. In addition to thematic exchanges, meetings provide an opportunity for informal networking.

The third session of the Network was attended by 50 experts from 17 countries on 11-12 November, 2021. 4 international and 11 national family organizations, 4 governments and 11 universities and research centers were represented, while 3 MEPs and 5 journalists were also present.

Gergely Ekler , Deputy Minister for Families from Hungarian government, gave an opening keynote speech at the event. In addition to presenting the demographic situation in Europe and Hungary, he gave participants an overview of Hungarian family policy measures introduced in the previous decade, and the achievements thereof.

Participants discussed the advocacy opportunities of international and national family organizations representing their membership, namely real people and real families, at both national and EU level; and the importance of family-friendly Media contents. The meeting also provided a comprehensive overview of Brazil’s demographic situation and family policy measures.

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