Italy: “Two hearts and a tribe”: award presented to Rossetti family in Foggia

The Rossetti family from Foggia received the “Two Hearts & One Tribe” award, a plaster work created by Pisan artist Andrea D’Aurizio depicting the logo of Anfn, the association that gathers and gives voice to large families in Italy.

It was Alfredo and Clelia Del Vecchio — back from the national meeting in Nocera Umbra — who physically presented the award last night in the bakery where Rosanna, 29 and already the mother of five children, works: Gabryel Nathal, 11; Beatrice Isabella, 8; Mira Sophia, 6; Oreste Diego, 4; and Nives Elsa, who arrived 19 months ago. All soon joined for the group photo. Along with the plaster work was a scroll, created by young designer Rachele Bernardini, aka Tartitarta. Significantly, the photo shows the eldest son as jealously guarding the award almost as if it were a trophy on his heart.The Rossettis are the youngest large family associated with Anfn.

A scroll, with special mention, will also be presented in the coming days to the Sebastiani family. Massimo, 38, an engineer, and Federica, 34, a nurse, are parents of five children. And they are the coordinators of large families in Trent. “In a country where bringing a child into the world is the second leading cause of poverty,” comments Anfn president couple Alfredo and Claudia Caltabiano, “there are, fortunately, still young couples who throw their hearts over the hurdle and enrich their lives with (many) children. Noting also that bringing a child into the world “is, yes, a private choice, but it is also oriented to the common good. Because without children our country has no future.”

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