Union of Latvian Large Families Associations celebrates its 30th anniversary

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Union of Latvian Large Families Associations (ULLFA) and due to precautionary circumstances of the Covid it celebrated in a small number of families.

The event took place on August 28-29 in the Latvian seaside town Engure, where the families of the leaders of the association gathered to discuss future plans for the next two years and possibilities to implement them in a situation when all the work must be done only voluntary.

Encourage on these further activities and to support organise this event helped the project of Active Citizens Fund. The participants of event hopes that it will help strengthen, unite and form new large families associations in Latvia.

While the leaders of the associations discussed, the families engaged in fun and healthy activities and celebrated 30th birthday of ULLFA.

More pictures here.

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