Young people from ELFAC large families associations are building together a project for Erasmus +

They have recently decided to participate in a European application for the construction of a project connected to Erasmus +.

The goal is to create training activities for young people from large families focused on the theme of family policies. In these activites they would work on the every day needs and difficulties linked to the youth transitions to adulthood. The project shall include three meetings in some of the participating countries and three virtual meetings, within which the young people will carry out different activities.

In this regard, on 25 September a meeting was held between several young people from the countries that will join this project, namely: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland and Latvia. This meeting was held with the aim of bringing out the situation of the young people from different countries so that the project can be built to their measure and on the basis of their needs. This is also because each country, with its different context both at the political and at the social level, involves different situations, which it is useful to take into account to build a project that is truly tailored to the chosen target, and that also allows for an exchange of experiences and good practices between different situations.

More meetings will certainly take place in the coming months, hoping that this project can come to life as soon as possible.

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